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Agha Jamshed

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Academic Tutors

Here is the academic mentor to help you. Now consult me if you have any problem regarding academic writing assistance


MS Communication Studies, M.A English, additional subjects are , Education, Sociology, Literature, History and Arts

My Expert Service

I can provide my expert teaching services in mass media like print media, electronic media, public relation and advertising etc. I can teach about copies, scripts and stories for advertising and public relation campaigns. Moreover, I am also expert in teaching essays, articles, research papers, presentations, critical essays, argumentative essays etc. I am also expert in assisting assignments and projects about social sciences. I can give better ideas and suggestions related to these subjects. I can also teach about literature, history, journalism, humanities etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I have teaching and working experience varying from 5 to 15 years. I have completed many projects regarding education successfully at university level. On the other hand, I have been teaching in many colleges and universities since 2000.In biochemistry and biotechnology, I have done many projects and assignments about Amino acids, Carbohydrates, Lipid, Membranes, Microbiology, Physical Techniques in Biotechnology Carbohydrates, Lipid Metabolism, Amino acid, Metabolism and Molecular Biology. I have done many projects in mass communication field. I have been working in media, advertising agencies and PR departments of different companies. In advertising agencies, I have worked as copy writers, visualize and creative director. In PR, I have done many projects of PR. I have designed many PR campaigns for the image building of many companies and brands as well. I have designed many brochures, buntings, pamphlets, leaflets etc as well as other tools of PR. I have been doing editing and composing news for some newspapers and news TV channels. Moreover I have designed many projects of graphic designing using different software of graphic designing like coral-draw adobe photo-shop etc