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Mosaic Geri Away
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Visual Arts

Fine artist finds passion in Mosaic home furnishings and accessories,


AA Interior and Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Illustration and Painting

My Expert Service

Mosaics have consumed my life since my first formal education at college. I am here to help you take an idea and turn it into a reality without stumbling into the usual pitfalls of the creative process. This art form has very few rules, however there are some that can't be ignored. Application, substrates and materials all have to be taken into consideration. I have created furnishings from tables, lamps, trivets and windows. Additionally I've made some hand-painted tiles. I am here to get you through the initial self doubt or questioning that without the actual attempt and failure one would not know the hows of why something is not behaving or coming out the way you expected. I also collaborate with other artists that bring another level of expertise.

Experience & Qualifications

My love of the arts began with oil painting, evolved into interior and architectural design, illustration then graphic arts. Eventualy I became exposed to Mosaics at Mass College of Art and became a devoted follower. I have been teaching to both adults and children since 2004. My mosaics have been commissioned for kitchen and wall projects and most recently I've had 2 installations at Children's Hospital. I am always trying to break and find new ways to create mosaics. I've participated in many juried exhibits and events and been profiled on local TV.