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Stage Fright Specialist

Stage Fright Specialist Away
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Do you want to eliminate your voice problem or permanently cure your stage fright? I get results!


Grad Dip Music, Associate Trinity College London (Voice),

Essential Practitioner of NLP, Cert IV Small Business Management

My Expert Service

Imagine being a talented singer... imagine being able to capture an audience's heart... not just with technical ability and a great sounding voice, but with an emotionally convincing and confident performance and a huge feeling of satisfaction on stage.

My name is Melissiah, and I can successfully help you overcome your singing problem or stage fright. I am a world-renowned voice, singing and performance anxiety specialist because I have an intimate understanding of how the voice and body works, how people learn and retain information and how people best achieve their goals and outcomes.

If you have a stubborn singing problem or you struggle to sing, there's a 99.9% chance you're using the wrong muscles. I don't want to scare you but if you continually use the wrong muscles you are reinforcing incorrect use of your singing instrument. Obviously, the longer you continue with a bad habit the longer it's going to take to undo that bad habit. This even relates to 'stage fright' or performance anxiety.

I can guarantee that if you always get really nervous before you go on stage - and I don't mean just a few little butterflies, but heart palpitations, sweating, dry throat, shaking, frequent urination, churning stomach, etc - then you have trained your muscles in your body to respond like that.

Along with muscle retraining I will show you how to reprogram your unconscious mind to eliminate any unresourceful thinking patterns and create new strategies for learning, relaxation and success. After our consultation you will tell yourself how much better everything is when you feel a new level of confidence and satisfaction and see the positive difference in yourself.

Just before you decide to consult with me, I need to remind you that you only get what you pay for and my fee schedule reflects my results. It’s important you know that when I am with a student I am 100% focused on solving his or her problem in the best and shortest time frame possible - my average consultation is 20 minutes.

Because you are ‘born to sing’ it is my greatest wish to help you achieve your full potential as a singer and/or performer and I promise to provide you with the best of service. You’ll be happy to know that on my websites you’ll find many testimonials from grateful singers across the globe.

That being said, I would greatly appreciate your favorable response and comment rating after I help you solve your problem. Thank you.


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Experience & Qualifications

A lifetime’s experience in the music industry including;

Grad Dip Music

ATCL (Voice)

8th Grade piano AMEB


Practitioner of essential NLP

Alexander technique studies

Member of APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association)

Songwriter and successful recording artist

Numerous live performances throughout Melbourne and TV appearances as a solo singer/songwriter

Music arranger

Session musician (vocals/keyboards/piano/percussion) for a number of Melbourne bands

National contracts throughout Australia as piano bar entertainer in 5 star hotels

International contracts throughout Japan as piano bar entertainer

Piano teacher and accompanist since 1983

Singing teacher and vocal coach since 1995

Creator of the Absolute Singing Mastery program, and BodySense for Singers – Book and CD series

Founder of Dreamquest Singing Academy 2001 – Melbourne VIC Australia

Expansion of Dreamquest Singing Academy into Sydney NSW and Singapore

Expansion of Dreamquest Singing Academy into Central Coast NSW

Currently studying for Cert IV of Workplace Training and Assessment