Val Ward

Val Ward Away
Expert in:
Song Writing

Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Radio Spots, Song writing, commercial copy writing, Voice Overs


Certification in Radio Broadcasting from Specs Howard School of Broadcasting Arts

My Expert Service

I am an accomplished Indie Artist.Many have deemed me as sort of a muse. When I talk to people or give them advice, it works out for them. I have beena muse to many self made millionaires and from time to time they call on me for advice.I also have experience in Jazz compliation, spoken word, contemporary gospel composer, Radio broadcasting and producer for Welcome to the City a real estate talk show on 107.5 wgpr, I have experience with voice-overs for commercials, writing jingles, and writing short parody skits

Experience & Qualifications

Not from my mouth, but from people I have met and had an opportunity to share with, in their words, I am a gift to the world. In regards to my other skills, Most of my experience has come from freelance work that I have down for small business owners. However, I have worked for WGPR 107.5, and I have written and performed jingles for the station. I am a graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. I graduated in 2004 with a G.P.A. of 3.6