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The Perfect Coder

The Perfect Coder Away
Expert in:
Computers & Programming

I can provide best and simple solutions for your assignments & home works in C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, JSP, UML with high quality and at reasonable price.


B.sc of Computer Science and Information System.

My Expert Service

-I Have worked with many professional projects that required various programming languages and technologies.
- I have worked on many Web and Desktop projects which includes web sites and web applications and accounting applications -I am expert with 4+ year of experience in Programming and web languages. I can provide detailed help, explanations and expert guidance in
1- programming languages like C, C++, Java, PHP.
2- Web Development like: JavaScript, JSP, PHP, HTML, CSS, Servlets.
3-Database Development like: MySQL SQL Server, Rational database, and JDBC.
4-Web servers: Tomcat, Apache, Glassfish.
Ready to accept challenging tasks and provide efficient and reliable solutions in these fields on time.
Help you in understanding programming concepts.
Used various techniques for programming. Have done a lot of work in all type of programming problems. If any issue regarding programming get issue in no time.
Very good in Algorithms and Data Structures
Worked in fields like Object Oriented Design and Analysis
Object Oriented Programming OOP.
Software Engineering

Experience & Qualifications

I can provide assistance in almost all subjects of computer science for example Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Algorithms, Java, Assembly language, Artificial Intelligence etc. Deep understanding of programming concepts and More than Four years of practical and technical experience in a wide variety of software programming languages and technologies.
Excellent in Data Structure and Algorithms: Linked List, Double Linked List, Binary Tree, Heap, Sort algorithms and algorithm complexity analysis.
I have work experiences (as a team leader) in designing and developing software architecture, Database development and design.