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Afzaal Java VB PHP CSharp

Afzaal Java VB PHP CSharp Away
Expert in:

Excellent Skills in Java,Python, C#, VB.Net & VB6,ASP,PHP,HTML,XHTML. Can Help You in Programming Projects, SQL Projects with MS-Access,SQL Server,MySQL,Professional Writing


BS Computer Science (2007) MS Computer Science(2014)

My Expert Service

My role as software developer has evolved these past few years from Developer to Team Lead. As a Senior Developer I collaborated on a wide range of projects which leveraged my technical skills in Visual Basic,Java,SQL, HTML, Javascript,AJAX, .NET (C# & VBA), WCF, WPF, XML/XSLT and OPP. As a team leader I utilize my strong technical, communication, organization and team leadership skills to ensure all project are well run, have open and transparent communication and timely delivery of milestones. I have experience directly managing a wide range of team sizes, whether internal and external, and am comfortable managing Agile or Waterfall projects.


  • Visual Basic.Net

  • Visual Basic 6

  • Coldfusion

  • Java

  • C Sharp

  • C/C++

  • Asp classic /Asp.net

  • PHP (Shopping Carts,Blogs,dynamic content)

  • JavaScript

  • Ajax


  • MS-SQL Server 2000,2005,2008,2012

  • MySql

  • Oracle

  • MS Access


  • Microsoft .Net 1.0,2.0,3.5,4.0,4.5

  • Sun Java 2


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2000

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2003

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

  • NetBeans IDE

  • Eclipse

  • JCreator

  • Bluej

  • Borland Turbo C++ IDE

Experience & Qualifications

  • Over 7 years of software development experience.

  • Over 500 freelance projects completed on PrestoExperts.

  • Excellent Customer Feedback.

  • Always working to enhance my skills.