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Artificial Intelligence
English, Arabic

Prolog, (A*, Depth-First, Breadth-First, Best-First and Hill climbing) search, define facts and rules and how to make it learn to be intelligent.


B.Sc. (Computer Science - GPA 3.34), Faculty of Computers and Information - Cairo University.

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Taken Courses in the Faculty
Programming Language C++, Data Structure, File Structure, Operating System 1 & 2 , Networks 1 & 2, Operations Research, Graphics 1 , Software Engineering 1 & 2, Database 1 , Math 1 & 2 & 3 , Statistics 1 & 2, Discrete Math, Physics, Digital logic design, Artificial intelligence, Computer Architecture, Concepts of programming languages, Multimedia, mathematical Logic , Scientific and Technical Report Writing, ing and Simulation.

operations on sets, Arithmetic and Geometric sequences, complex numbers and how to transform between its different forms (Cartesian,Polar,Exponential,Trigonometric) and De Moivre theorem, mathematical induction and its applications(series,recursive,divisibility,matrices,derivative and inequality problems),Graph theory,matrices and its applications(solving equations,division and the other operations),number systems(decimal,binary,ternary,octal,hexadecimal) and the transformation from each one to the other and the operations on each system, Fourier series , how to calculate it and its applications in real life.

Derivatives ,Integration and integral calculus and its applications,Definite and Indefinite integrals,Fourier integral transform and Laplace transform,Partial differentiation,limits,continuity and discontinuity, functions.

Solid Geometry(Line,Space,Plane,Sphere,Cylinder...), Quadric surfaces(cone, Ellipsoid, Hyperboloid of one and two sheets,Paraboloid,The Saddle),Analytic Geometry,Multiple Integrals(), Vector Calculus(Line integral, surface integral-Evaluation of area of curved surfaces), series types and test for convergence and divergence, Eigen value problem - its quadric forms and Eigen vectors, Caley-Hamilton theorem.

Probability Theory, Conditional probability, Random variables and Mathematical Exception, Bay's theorem, Chebyshev's theorem, Distributions types(Discrete, Continuous, Bivariate, Sampling), Sample Estimation(mean, variance, SD), Sample tests of hypotheses.

Experience & Qualifications

Computer skills: Programming Skills (C, C++, Java, applets, AWT, Swings, sockets, JDBC, C under Linux, SQL, HTML, ODBC, ADO, Linux, Professional user in Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000(Professional and server),Windows Me , Windows XP(home and Professional) and MS Office , Linux(Mandriva, SUSE, Knoppix, Pharonix), MS SQL (managing databases by SQL commands and by wizardsby using Query analyzer and enterprise manager). Assembling computers Language skills: Excellent command of both written and spoken Arabic and English