Umer Javed

Umer Javed Away
Expert in:
Artificial Intelligence

My field is related to Machine Learning. With the help of Machine Learning techniques, I can make program to classify and predict(Regression) the values accurately


BS Computer Science

My Expert Service

I will provide you with the efficient and brief code. I can complete the task in minimum amount of time. I have worked on other websites but new here. I will deliver it within given amount of time, as I do, with fair amount. I will be charging for extra fast service. I will also comment the code on request

Experience & Qualifications

Worked on java for short amount of time. I am currently in final year of BS Computer Science. I have learned several languages during my degree. Those are C++, Java, C#, HTML, Python, Assembly Language, and Database. I have worked in the industry as a part time employee for over a year having my hands on Java mostly and a half year with C# and C++ both. I can program well in Assembly too. I have taken a course of Machine Learning in Python. So I know Machine Learning as well as I can program in Python