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Xavier Gallagher

Xavier Gallagher Away
Expert in:

Solaris Architect and System Administrator


BA Sociology and Social Policy

My Expert Service

In my 18th year of designing and running UNIX infrastructures (initially using Sun OS 4, but for the last 14 years Solaris 2 through 10) from small installations (less than 10 systems) to truly massive infrastructures with thousands of machines (and zones) with hundreds of thousands users. I specialise in deep automation and scripting, and this obviously requires knowledge of applications, protocols, configurations, system validation and services.

Experience & Qualifications

Hands-on, and hands-off, leading by example. actively sharing knowledge, I discuss plans. I take advice. I build consensus. I listen to users, business and technical concerns. I get to the heart of a problem. I resolve issues. I get results.
I am creative and dedicated, demonstrated in two particular ways. Firstly, I am often given the complicated, detailed, delicate tasks others would rather not risk; and secondly, I frequently have already found a solution to problems others are only just becoming aware of. I pride myself on being able to bring wayward projects back on course.
A sample

Operating SystemsSolaris 2 through 10
Automation ToolsN1 Service provisioning System, Bash, Korn, Perl, Lisp scripting
Build ToolsWANBoot and Jumstart
VirtualisationSolarsi Zones, Virtual Box
File Systems/Volume Management Solaris Volume Manager (all version), Veritas File System 3.4-5.0, Veritas Volume Manager, ZFS
System ContinuitySun Cluster 3.2, Legato Networker
Web PlatformsApache (all versions), BEA WEBLogic (to 10), TomCat (to 5), WebSphere (All Versions), iPlanet/Sun One Web Server/LDAP and Application Server
Name ServicesLDAP, NIS+, NIS, DNS
Virtually all UNIX utilities at some stage

Currently I am bringing a bank to SOX compliancy which involves securing hundreds of systems. Previously I worked for Sun Microsystems in what some called the 'guru' role. I've been freelance for 16 years of the 18 I've worked on UNIX.