Master in IT

My Expert Service

In the market of IT, I have almost 7 years of experience in Computer & Programming. I can provide services in almost all kind of IT domain like Desktop development, mobile development, web development, image processing in OpenCV and MATLAB, signal processing in MATLAB, networks, telecommunication, database such as MS SQL, MySQL, oracle, MS Access. I can give services in different programming languages such as Java, C,/C++, C#, PHP, ASP, JSP, Servlets, MS Office, Networking, Databases, HTML, and CSS, XML, WPF, WCF etc

Experience & Qualifications

I did master in IT and I started development in Desktop Applications from my first semester. In second semester, I started working in Web Development using ASP.Net and I use MS SQL Server, Algorithms, Operating System, Networks, MATLAB, C++. In 6th semester, I started working in Java and then I came in android and iOS, where I designed much application such as social media, business and multimedia apps.