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Deneen Bunch M.S. MHC

Deneen Bunch M.S. MHC Away
Expert in:
Coaching & Personal Development

I have 18 years experience in professional counseling, behavior and thought modification. I would be honored to work with you in increasing personal life goals!


*PhD General Psychology, M.S.-Mental Health Counseling, Professor in Grief counseling Bachelors-Psychology/Sociology, Behavior Specialist Certification, Addictions Specialist Certification, ASI/SASSI Certified *completion of 20 credit hours-active Memberships: Chi Sigma Iota, ACA-American Counseling Association APA-American Psychological Association

My Expert Service

Do you want to have a better outlook on life and just be happier? If you struggle with: * Anxiety * Depression * Difficulty sleeping * Tired of pleasing other people * Anger for no reason? * Stress * Aggression * Addictive behaviors * Work and family problems * Relationships problems * Grief concerns ......... I am here to listen.....Together we will work through thoughts and emotions that have kept you from being successful in life. Often, these problems make you feel defeated in life and no one seems to understand you..... Contact me and we can talk about it. Specializing in: *CBT, REBT, * Enhancement of Self Esteem & Self Confidence * How to handle critical people. * Positive therapy approaches * Solution focused approaches.

Experience & Qualifications

I have 18 years of experience counseling individuals with: Emotional, marital, behavior and addictions problems. I have also worked with individuals suffering from severe dual diagnosed conditions and challenging behaviors serving over 250 patients to become behavior free and live happier lives. Other areas of service with individuals chemically dependant with increased anxiety and depressive symptoms, family and work problems. I have counseled pateints in inpatient and outpatient settings. Recent work includes working with a psychiatrist and Suboxone treatment program for opiate addictions. I have had the pleasure to work with adolescents who need help with their severe behaviors, addictions and emotional control. My experience includes writing alcohol & drug assessments and mental health assessments were primarily for parents who are involved with the Department of Children Services. I love my work of service to others and am very interested in each unique set of problems. We are here to serve others in life and I find it deeply rewarding!