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Erin Struter Consulting

Erin Struter Consulting Away
Expert in:
Dating & Relationships

Stuck? Confused? In doubt? Feeling Lonely? Addicted to a person? Overwhelmed? I'm here to help you seek out answers and ask the right questions. Compassionate/non-judgmental.


B.S Psychology; John Hopkins University; Certified Life Coach, Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

My Expert Service

I have helped countless individuals from my NY based office as a licensed life coach. On all matters of heart, friendship, family; life is often very complicated and one can easily get caught in a web. Its hard to fully appreciate when understanding must take place. I have been helping people as a licensed life coach for over 10 years, it is a privilege to help people in all walks-of-life. Set goals, let go, seek out happiness, understand, tackle the large fury ball one step at a time. When it comes to relationships, most are not well equipped to tackle problems, we engross ourselves, lose identity, sometimes cant find light in a dark room, but we can solve the most complex issues by setting goals and understanding steps to achieve them. Relationships: - Single life - Dating - Marriage - Divorce - Infidelity - Family - Children. Achieve: Balance among all aspects of your life, confidence, self-trust, happiness, living a satisfying - balanced - successful life. You can take the first step, and open a door to happiness.

Experience & Qualifications

Certified Life Coach, Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation). Ten years of operating a personal life coach consulting business in NY. Worked with hundreds of individuals - proven track record.