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CFD Expert

CFD Expert Away
Expert in:
Mechanical Engineering

Expert in CFD/FEA of Mechanical, Aerospace, Automobile, Electronics Components, BE/BS,ME/MS projects on CFD/FEA. Completed over 50 academic & industrial projects on CFD/FEA.


M.E in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

My Expert Service

5 years of experiences in different CFD & FEA software(ICEM-CFD,CFX,Fluent,STAR CCM+,Hyper mesh,Ansys,Abacus,Nastran etc.) I can solve any Mechanical Engineering problems quickly. Prior teaching experience on CFD & Mechanical Engineering courses. Quick turn around on any problem with stringent deadline too. Please contact me for any problems related to CFD/FEA or Mechanical Engineering courses and projects.

Experience & Qualifications

5 years of experience in CFD/FEA. B.E and M.E in Mechanical Engineering domain. Specialization in Aerospace Engineering. I have done various CFD courses on Gas Dynamics, Boundary Layer, Turbo-machinery, Combustion,Fluid Dynamics, Computational fluid dynamics etc.