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Get help in your Products & Services from a specialized business expert with experience of years with almost all sort of clients

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Master’s in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing and Advertising.

My Expert Service

I have taken business courses throughout my education. And have developed extensive experience of working with some of the largest corporations that not only enriched my knowledge, polished my skills but also let me handle some of the high stake responsibilities. I have developed skills and gain experience in managing businesses and their all aspects form online marketing, business operations, and consulting, financial management, business planning, marketing and technical management. I have helped businesses in various areas of industries and have helped them achieving their goals successfully. At the same time making sure that their resources do not get exhausted, detracted or utilize over. With these skills and experiences I can assure that my professional attitude, commitment, dedication and attention to details are few of the aspects of my personality that will definitely help you achieve all your requirements and tasks.

Experience & Qualifications

I am an experienced Marketer with qualifications in all aspects of business courses. I am also an established consultant with experience of providing consultancy and help to many businesses and clientele. Over time I have gained various certifications and endorsements for different sort of skills and recognitions. My experience is not only dynamic but also a true profitable for my clientele