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Experienced business development professional with 7 years of coaching and helping women to start and grow successful businesss, internationally.

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BS degree, Univesity of Colorado, Summa Cum Laude Master's Degree, Central Michigan Univercity, Administration (Human Resources.

My Expert Service

Certificate in Immigration law and deemed export from american management association, and USCIS. Society Human Resource Management (SHRM) certification as Global Professional Human Resources (GPHR) Appointed to U.S. Treasury Tax Payer Advocacy Panel for 3 year term.

Experience & Qualifications

International Business Consulting: 7 years. International Immigration: 12 years International and domestic tax issues for businesses and individuals: 12 years Immigration case management 30 years for cases in 28 countries. Training and expertice in cross boarder (international) tax treaty issues. Expatriate tax issues: 12 years