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Employment Issues

Performance management, employee relations, talent retention, Compensation. Solutions to your HR issues, from Affirmative Action to worker Safety & Compensation.


I hold 3 different degrees. After completing my BBA, I did my MBA with specialization in finance. While doing my MBA, I also pursued Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification. I have completed 2 levels of this certification. In addition, i am planning to pursue a master degree in economics to further increase my knowledge. You can also contact me for any sort of business studies, accounting, auditing problems. I am very well versed in these areas as well.

My Expert Service

I can help students, professionals, businesses alike in preparing or solving complete Projects, Assignments, Case Studies, Proposals, Term papers, Articles in the fields of; a) Finance & Financial Modeling & analysis b) Accounting c) Marketing d) Auditing & Taxation e) Operations Management f) Economics g) Human Resource Management h) Business Research i) Organizational Behavior j) Financial statements Analysis k) Strategic Management l) Project Management, m) International Business n) Strategic Management o) Business Math p) E-Commerce q) English r) Information technology s) Business Planning t) Industrial Safety etc. 2. I can help in research & collection of data for writing term papers, essays and reports of any sort related to fields listed above, but not just limited to those fields. 3. I can help you in rewriting any existing term paper, proposal, thesis, assignment in a new way. 4. I provide services for business writing, content writing, data mining & data entry. 5. I can solve online exams, tests & assignments for you in any of the fields listed above, but not just limited to those, at minimum price & in least time. 6. I can provide consultancy services for small and large businesses in my area of expertise. My diverse range of expertise across various industries allows me to provide customized solutions in all forms of corporate transactions and implementation of strategic initiatives. 7. Get the best entrepreneurial and start up business advices here; with best expertise for you to hire. Right from the angel investing to venture capitalists; all through to public offerings; you will get the best advice. From, becoming a small locality business to a giant player in the industry OR finding your own unique niche segment to serve, which your competitors or giants have failed to capitalize on. Get the best practical advice, suggestions, tools; tips and techniques to make it happen and go through all the tough initial barriers. I work with three basic principles Honesty Quality Affordability Contact me in case of any queries. NOTE: By hiring me as your expert indicates that you have read and understood the complete profile and are in agreement with the following terms: I am here to provide a service for you. If you choose to use skills /services that I am offering then you have clearly seen the price for that email or chat session. Furthermore, you acknowledge that I will give my level best for every task for which I am hired and I will only deal with tasks related to my field of expertise. Lastly, any omissions errors can be expected in the work however, the effort will be to provide you with services free of any error, bias or prejudice when you purchase the services/ skills.

Experience & Qualifications

I have interned or have worked with some of the best companies leading firms in the portfolio include; I did my internships at Gallup, Ernest & Young & AC Nielsen KPMG. I have worked for local chapters of US-AID, Barclay’s Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Coppola Group of Companies. I've helped many business professionals in making real life marketing, HR & strategic plans and financial decisions. I've also helped many students in writing project reports, term papers, essays or solving any sort of school, college or university level assignments or case studies. Most of them got good grades i.e. A- or above.
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