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Blessed 2 Be Home

Blessed 2 Be Home Away
Expert in:
Desktop Publishing
English, French

Office Administrative Services & Home Employment Assistance, Virtual Staffing, Website/Domain Services, Dental/Medical Plans and Fundraising Campaigns


A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies, Summa Cum Laude; BS in Criminal Justice-CSI, Summa Cum Laude; Over 6 years of experience in telecommuting industry; Certified Veterinary Assistant; Affiliated with many work from home boards and organizations; Internal Investigations Manager for a Telecommute Agency; and Blessed 2 Be Home is accredited by the BBB and in excellent standing. Just search for us on their site to see our report!

My Expert Service

BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS & WELCOME Have an overflow of work?

Need assistance with all of your paperwork and typing needs?

Not in your budget to hire more employees? Ever thought about outsourcing?


We are an organization of experienced individuals who specialize in offering professional and quality assistance for small businesses, small professional corporations and individuals. We assist in relieving the extra workload burdens.

  1. Word Processing: Basic letters, Term papers, Resumes, Data Entry Forms, Memos, Forms
  2. Desktop Publishing: Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Menus, Announcements, Thank You Notes, Greeting Cards, Labels, Fax Covers, Envelopes, Certificates
  3. .Direct Mail Services: Folding, Stapling, Stuffing Envelopes, Mailing List and Labels.
  4. Email CSR Services
  5. Retainer Services
  6. Virtual Staffing
  7. Job Locating
  8. Website Services
  9. Fundraising Campaigns

(Please contact us for general samples)
We also assist telecommuters in finding jobs from home with our jobseeker program.

Highlights of this service:
Scam free, extensive background searches performed on companies, fresh job leads, individualized searches, for $30-$140, continued support.

Desktop Publishing
All Desktop Publishing projects are $20-$30 per hour

Direct Mailing
All Direct Mailing Projects are: $15- $25 per hour (depending upon the project)

Word Processing & Data Entry
Basic Letters: $8 per page*
Legal Correspondences: $15 per page*
Term Papers: $6 per page* for high school level, $8 per page* for college level
Resumes: $25 for first page and $5 per page after; If multiple resumes, then set fee of $30 for initial page and $3 per page after.
Cover Letters: $6 per page
Salary History: $6 per page
Fax Covers: $5 per page
Data Entry Forms: $8 per page* or *$0.75 per entry
Memos: $6 per page*
Forms: $10 per page*
All other Word Processing: $5-$10 per page*

*or $15-$30/hr depending upon the project.

All word processing projects that are not on an hourly basis will be subject to a $15-30 administrative/labor fee unless otherwise specified.

Email CSR
ALL Email Customer Service Representative Services are $5 per email.

Virtual Staffing
There are NO FEES for the staffing assistance if your company hires telecommuters and provides a salaried or hourly rate. If your company is requesting only on-site employees, the service is a flat rate of:
$50.00 for 2 weeks
$150 for 1 month
$450 for 6 months
$800 for a year

Job Location (Job Seeker Progam)
This service requires a one-time enrollment/service fee depending upon the level of enrollment chosen.

$30 for level 1- Introductory
$65 for level 2- Associate
$85 for level 3- Executive
$140 for level 4- Corporate

*Client must be approved for enrollment.

**Each level has certain types of services offered that are included as well as a contract for either 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.

Retainer Services

$75 reservation plus $260 every 2 weeks for 40 hours per month
$75 reservation plus $390 every 2 weeks for 60 hours per month
$75 reservation plus $520 every 2 weeks for 80 hours per month
$75 reservation plus $780 every 2 weeks for 120 hours per month

Website Services
Free for 7 days; $10 per month

Medical Plans/ Fundraising Campaigns
***Please contact us for further details***

Experience & Qualifications

You may request my resume, but here are the highlights of my skills and abilities:

Previously worked as the Director of Business Operations of a non profit organization where I was employed for 6 years. I did the daily revenue, bank deposits, maintained donor database in MS Access, created and run queries and reports in Access, created reports in excel, made presentations in Powerpoint, generated thank you notes and IRS receipts for donors/ customers, maintained confidential files, head up the capital campaign for our new facility 2005-2007, more duties listed in resume.

I have owned a home based business and have done telemarketing from home for a number of years. I have experience with cold calling and online marketing.

I am a very dependable, punctual person and I maintain my company that way as well. I type 74wpm plus and have a well equipped home office.

Blessed 2 Be Home delivers as promised! You may request more information on us if you desire.