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Hello, please let me help you with campaign consulting,relationship advice or disscusion of current events and speech writing. Thank you -David Crowe


I have a BA in Public Policy, Political Economy including Healthcare Policy. I also recieved a great education at law school.

My Expert Service

Hello, please let me Help you with putting together a winning political campaign for this years important election. such as what to run for, advertising advice or general campaign coaching. we can also discuss currents events or Speech writting. I am also willing to discuss alternative healthcare policy,the 2012 phenomina or anything else you would like to talk about.For example fashion(what to wear during a political campaign or relationship consultation and dating advice please call me soon-thanks

Experience & Qualifications

I have helped put together several succsessful political campaigns for the State Legislature and U.S Congress. I have also written several papers on public policy Issues as well as given speeches . I have also spoken on this topic during my call in radio show"Politics Today". I have also spoken about relationships on my radio showand other venues. So we can disscus that topic as well.please call soon