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Business plans in a specific format, Hypothetical as well as real businesses. Product Descriptions, 4 Ps, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Promotional Plan, Operational and Supply Chain Plan, Management Team, Organizational Structure, Implementation Schedule, Risk analysis, Financial Plan and Projections. Operations Modeling, Information Systems in Supply Chain Management, Just in Time, Push and Pull Methods, Total Quality Management, Inventory Management, RFID, Globalization of Logistics, SCM Information System Theories and Comparison. EMAIL ME to get a Supply Chain Management Paper done within your deadline. Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Ratio Analysis, Budgeting, Standard Costing, Process Costing, CVP Analysis, Financial Management, NPV, IRR, Discounted Cash Flow, Financial Analysis

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SWOT, PESTEL, Five Forces, Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Generic/Differentiation Strategies, 4 Ps. External and Internal Environment Analysis. Essays/Reports with Recommendations to Management using Competitive Analysis Tools, Industry Analysis Tools. Leadership and Organization Policies. Short Term and Long Term Plans. Growth in International Market, Market Entry Methods, Dunning Paradigm, Strategic Alliances, Licenses, FDI, Mergers, Acquisitions, International Supply Chain, Regional Analysis, Cross Cultural Management, International HRM

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