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Shan Business Expert

Shan Business Expert Away
Expert in:
Accounting & Tax

I am an expert in accounting, finance, banking, taxation system and management.



My Expert Service

I am capable to offer services in investment banking, portfolio management, business planning, management, marketing, business planning. I am also an expert in other areas, for instance operations management, logistics and operations management. My core expertise mentioned below: 1-Financial Management with reference of International Accounting Standard: I have vast experience of Financial Management as well as financial planning and forecasting. Moreover financial presentation with guidance of IAS and other modern financial tools 2-Cost Management Policy Making and Tips for Cost Management: I can perform complete cost management like Activity Analysis, Actual Cost, Cost allocation, fixed cost, indirect cost, job costing and opportunity cost. Most important cost minimization policy after ground study 3-Feasibility regarding Advertisement Cost Vs Return: I can also provide time line for advertisement cost and advertisement cost management in connection of return 4-Taxation, Banking and Other financial Activities: I can also provide indirect and direct taxation policy. I also having vast knowledge regarding operation, trade and corporate banking and also provide working manual. Other financial Policies regarding internal and external audit and maintain controls for rating improvements. Define modern audit tool for effective cost and management control.

Experience & Qualifications

I have vast experience in brokerage, investment banking, taxation and portfolio management.