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Emily Gaston

Emily Gaston Away
Expert in:
MS Office

I can help you with ALL VERSIONS OF :MS OFFICE, Access, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Works, Word, Front Page, Publisher, Office & Setup.


Computer Specialist, Houston, TX 1996 Tantasqua Technical 1993 Brainbench Certifications MCSE, MSDST, A+

My Expert Service

I can help you with ALL VERSIONS OF :MS OFFICE, Access, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Works, Word, Front Page, Publisher, Office Setup. I can lead you through the basics of a particular program, show you a trick you've seen others do but always wondered how they did it, or just give you an overview so you know what you're doing in a professional environment. Advanced features of this suite are powerful, but sometimes complex; if you know your stuff but just need to be shown the way, I can definitely make things easy for you! Office is a powerful and useful tool; being able to use it to your advantage will ultimately help you in school, business, and your personal aspirations.

Experience & Qualifications

Developed DOS and Windows-based computer programs in FoxPro versions 2.5 and 2.6 Provided hardware/software support Provided software training Administered Novell NetWare Arcnet/Ethernet local area network Assisted in migration from Arcnet to Ethernet network Maintained the PBX telephone system which required installation of phone jacks, terminating cable at punch down block, and programming new telephone numbers into the system Recommended, planned, and installed Ethernet networks on campus Designed and supervised installation of ten (10) computer lab Ethernet networks Designed and installed two (2) computer lab Ethernet networks Recommended hardware and software purchases Consulted, advised, and assisted college faculty and staff in resolving technical problems with college networks Constructed, terminated, and tested network interface cables for use between network servers, workstations and other network equipment Installed and administered Internet/File/Proxy/Mail servers Maintained Internet client workstations, dial-up and direct connections Trained college faculty and staff on Internet and Email use Developed Internet guidelines Administered over 5 NT 4.0 servers throughout the campus Supervised computer services for four (4) counties Supervised two (2) Information Services employees Developed departmental policies and procedures Developed and enforced Internet guidelines Established purchasing guidelines for computer equipment Homeless management information systems project manager Designed network infrastructure that would be compatible with all agencies and the Homeless Management Information System Network Administrator Trainer Database Administrator Hardware/Software Installation Network Design and Implementation Terminal Services Implementation/Administration Network Documentation