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Ehsan ul haq ACMA

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Your Accounting, Audit, Economics and Business Finance assigments and problems are our responsibilty and Just a "CLICK AWAY"


ACMA (Assoiate of Cost and Management Accoutant)

My Expert Service

Financial Accounting

1) Preparation of Statement of comprehensive income, financial position and cash flows
2) Accounting treatments related to Inventory, Changes in accounting estimates and accounting policies, Construction Contract, Deferred tax, PPE, Leases, Revenue Recognition, Employees Benefits, Borrowing Costs, Related Parties, Intangibles, Impairment.
3)Foreign currency transactions, investments and Financial Instruments
4) Business Combinations (Consolidations and mergers);
6) Financial statement analysis

Cost and Management Accounting

1) Basic Cost accounting concepts (Cost of good sold statement and Material Costing)
2) Job-order costing and process costing;
3) Activity Based Costing (ABC)
4) Marginal costing vs Absorption costing:
5) Cost Volume Profit (CVP) analysis
6) Relevant and irrelevant costing
7) Special order, make or buy decisions
8) Standard costing and variance analysis
9) Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and linear programming

Experience & Qualifications

4 years of experience of chartered accountancy firm and 4 years experience of teaching